Walking Buddy

In and around Bewdley, Stourport and Kidderminster.

Me, pointing to my hotel following a walk up the hill, Crete

Walking is wonderful and, in my opinion, a very underrated way to make you feel great let alone a great form of exercise! Science is catching up and there is now a lot of research demonstrating the huge benefits of walking on our physical and mental wellbeing.

I believe walking with someone else is even better than walking alone whether that’s in companionable silence or having a chat or a bit of both!

It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and can be done anywhere, close to home or work, at a local park, along the river side, somewhere clean, somewhere muddy, in the evening and in the day! You tell me how long you want to walk for, the kind of walking your looking for and I will plan a route, pick you up and we can enjoy a great walk together.

People enjoy a walking buddy for all sorts of reasons—here are a few that I’ve come across!

You may not be able to drive but would love to get out and walk (with your dog if you have one) a bit further from home.

You may have some health or disability concerns, be they temporary or permanent, that make getting out and about on your own more challenging but  you still want to get out and walk. You may have a sight impairment, be recovering from an operation or accident and want a walking buddy to support you.

You may want someone to guide you in being more ‘present’, enjoying the ‘now’ and not letting your mind race off in a million different directions. I can help you to savour the moment and feel more relaxed and happy.

You may want to lose weight or get fit and want someone to support you by gradually building up the distance and speed of a walk to suit your growing fitness before you move on to a gym or walking group.

You may just have no one in your life who likes walking like you do or who can walk when you want to walk.

If you fancy a gentle 30 minute stroll in your lunch break to help you reenergise for the afternoon or an hours walk to relax in the great outdoors then give me a call. I am not some kind of super fit Olympian just an average person who enjoys getting out in the open and connecting with the great outdoors.

I live on the Wribbenhall side of Bewdley and cover the Wyre Forest area.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Along with a walking buddy service in Bewdley, Stourport and Kidderminster I am lucky enough to spend a chunk of time each day providing dog walking and pet visits in Bewdley, Stourport and Kidderminster.